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Geo Targeting
Target visitors by country and city that can carry your advertisements more precisely.

Uniques Tracked
You can get 30-day uniques (tracked by IP and Cookies) per domain, not per order, so you can place as much orders as you wish, you will always get uniques per domain only.

Traffic Quality Targeting
Unique Traffic Quality Scoring System allows you to choose the traffic quality from high to the low.
With the high Quality Scoring, the ROI will be more higher. And the lower Quality Scoring, the less money will be spent.
With this Traffic Quality Scoring System can satisfy your different needs.

Language Targeting
Filter visitors based on their language.

Operating System Targeting
Divided in two categories. Desktop and Mobile. This will allow you to target specific operating systems such as Windows 7, Mac, Android or iOS.

Browser Targeting
Target all the major browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Device Targeting
Visitors are using a plethora of connected devices to navigate online. Target specific devices converts better to your products. From desktop, mobile devices, tablets, Smart TV and even wearable devices!

Site Targeting
This is a fully transparent network. Target specific sites can convert best with your product.

Frequency Capping
Limit the exposure of your campaigns to unique Visitors.

Connection Targeting
Targeting the user's network connection types and connection speeds can choose the user groups that suit your product.

Precise Cost Control
Every hour of the cost control will be precised to ensure not to cost more than your advertising budget.