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What kinds of traffic types do you have? Do you have adult traffic?
We have pop-up,pop-under, Redirect Traffic and App Interstitial Ads.If you want to know more detail information about traffic types, please visit http://www.buy-targeted-traffic.com/ad-formets/pop-up-traffic.php
Please note that adult content is banned on our system.

What is AD Optimize System?
Every time deliver the traffic, we will send much useful parameter to your Ad URL such as traffic source_id,subid,Quality Scoring,traffic type, Ip,MAC, uniqueness, UA,languages, site categories, Operating Systems, Browsers, Connection types, Connection speeds, etc.
It can make your statistical tracking more precisely, and you can screened out the traffic source suit for your product. Then specify to buy these traffic, which will made the ROI rise several times.

What is Traffic Quality Scoring System?
Our system has a unique Traffic Quality Scoring System, which evaluate the quality of traffic from a third party. The full mark is 100 points. The Quality Scoring 70 points or more can get all the bid, and Quality Scoring lower than 70 points only get part of the bid.
If you need a higher ROI, please choose to buy the Quality Scoring 70 points or more. If you want to buy some cheap traffic, please select the Quality Scoring lower than 70 points.
When you create a new campaign, you can set up the Quality Scoring you want.

What is Traffic Filter System?
We have a powerful Traffic Filter System, including the exclusion of traffic source ID, filtered IP and IP segment, etc.
Senior advertisers should realize that part of the traffic source or part of the IP is not what they want, so in our system you can filter these traffic source or IP you do not want.
It can fully meet your demands. Furthermore, we block all traffic from different web-robots.

Is your traffic expensive?
We are using a state-of-art bidding system which allows you to choose how much you want to pay for each visit. If you set your bid too low, you will get slower and lower quality traffic.
Bidding starts at different accord to different countries' traffic. Please log in and check in detail.

How long does it take to get a campaign approved?
Usually campaigns are approved in just 24 hours, even during the holidays and weekends!

My campaign has a very low conversion rate. What can I do to increase it?
First of all check your targeting settings.
Make sure that you have chosen the right keywords, countries and category.
You should also check the Minimal Quality Scoring setting.
If you're sure that your targeting settings are correct, you need to improve your landing page.
From our experience, a huge picture in the center with matching background color works best.

I have created a campaign, but I am not getting any traffic.Why?
First of all, make sure that your campaign status is Approved if you still don't get any traffic, it can be caused by the following reasons: .
- Your bid is too low.
- Your Minimal Quality Scoring is too high.
- You have targeted "long tail" keywords that we currently do not have publishers for.
- Your compaign balance are not enough.
- You have selected a category that we do not have websites for.
In case you've double checked everything but you're still not getting any traffic, please contact us.

Is my deposit secure?
Yes. Our panel uses secure connection (SSL), just like in your bank account. This means that all data exchange between your computer and our panel is encrypted. Except that, all withdrawals and deposits are monitored.

What payment methods are available? What is the minimum deposit?
Currently we can deposit using PayPal, Payza, Webmoney and Wire Transfer. Credit Card payments are also possible if you're using PayPal or Payza. Minimum deposit is $10 for PayPal, Payza and Webmoney. And it is $1000 for Wire Transfers.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can withdraw your unspent funds anytime you want.
But we charge a fee 10% of balance.

Why was my withdraw request denied?
Your request could have been blocked if you tried to use buy-targeted-traffic.com as a money exchanger.
Please, remember it is strictly forbidden.
In case your request was blocked by mistake, please contact us.

Do you pay taxes for me?
No, you need to handle taxes on your own.

Is your traffic Adsense safe?
No, it is not - Google does not allow Adsense to be placed inside popups or popunders. Check Google Adsense FAQ for more details.