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What channels can I use to sell traffic?
If you have a website, you can sell traffic through pop-up and pop-under.
If you have App, you can sell traffic by using our App Interstitial ads SDK.
If you have other traffic, you can send your traffic to our Redirect URL.
Please note that adult website is banned on our system.

What websites are accepted?
All websites except adult websites that don't break the US laws are accepted.

What APP are accepted?
Generally speaking, we allow all App to use our App Interstitial ads SDK except bot App.

Can I sell traffic to your system if I have no website?
Yes.We allow you to sent traffic through Redirect URL. If you have traffic, you can sell them through our system.

Which country's traffic have customers purchase?
Right now we have advertisers from more than 50 countries, including North America, Europe, Australia, India and Asia.

How will you deal with the traffic which has no customers to buy?
Our system will redirect the traffic without purchase to the return URL you have specified.
It can make you reuse this part of traffic and you can set up the return URL of every source through the user control panel.

What are the publisher's minimum payment, payment cycle and payment banks?
The minimum payment is $10 and paid every Wednesday automatically using PayPal, Payza, Webmoney and Wire Transfer.(Wire Transfer min $1000)

What rates do you offer?
Rates are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like: visitor's country, your website quality and even day of the week and time of the day.Your website's quality will be automatically measured, so if its quality is not rated high enough, it will result in lower rates.

Why are the rates lower during weekends?
Most of our advertisers are closed during the weekends.

Why did my rate go down when I allowed more popunders per visitor?
Because we use bidding system, first the most expensive popunder is served. After it is opened and a visitor gets another popunder, it will have lower rate than the first one.Your average rate will go down, but because more popunders will be server, your revenue will increase.

Is it important what my site is about?
Yes. If you have a website about loans or insurance, you will get better rates than if you had a "freebie" website.

Can I use other popunder/popup on my website?
Yes, but if you want to use another ad network together with ours, this might cause your rate to drop Other popunder adcodes might interfere with our code causing lower revenue. If you want to use another ad network along with ours, it's best to set it as Default code when generating the adcode.

Can popup blockers affect my earnings?
No, our popunder code opens the popunder when user clicks anything on your site. Our system bypasses nearly all popup blockers.

Can I put these code together with Google Adsense?
According to Google FAQ , Google allows you to have up to 3 pop-ups or pop-unders on your website. However, we cannot speak for Google and we cannot take any responsibility for their actions.

How many advertisers do you have?
Except our local advertisers, we have many partner networks who share their advertising base with us Every day, we are running at least 1000 unique advertising campaigns.

Can you increase my rates?
No, sorry,we use dynamic pricing system and rates are not set by us. They are controlled by the market.

How can I improve my revenue?
First of all make sure that your website is put into the correct category. Also, make sure that you have a long list of keywords (remember that they have to be targeted to your website's content). Allowing popunders with sound, popups, etc. will increase your revenue as well.